What is ISO certification?

ISO certification acts as a marketing tool for improving your business by providing requirements, guidelines, specifications or other characteristics that could enhance your organization consistently. And to make sure that your products, processes, materials and other services are compatible for their purpose.

To comply with the actions of organizational objectives, the international organization has published many standards now let us see a few of them

  • ISO 9001 specifies the requirement of the quality management system and it is considered to be one of the most popular standards among the international standards
  • ISO 14001 specifies the requirement of an environmental management system which mainly concentrates on improving your environmental performances
  • ISO 45001 mainly speaks about the occupational health and safety of the employees by implementing their requirements published by the technical committee of ISO
  • ISO 27001 involves providing the information security management system requirements by reducing the threats related to data or information
  • ISO 22000 provides the requirements for a food safety system for the industries involved in the food supply chain

There are other international standards like CE mark, HALAL and GMP that would help the organization by making the things simpler, safer and better. In other terms we can say it helps us to be more prosperous and productive.

ISO is an abbreviation of international organization for standardization where the headquarters is situated in Geneva Switzerland. It was developed in the year 1947 to facilitate and support the international and national trade and commerce by introducing standards that everyone would recognize and respect. The international organization for standardization achieves its purpose by the participation and supports of its members and there are about 163 national standard bodies who are considered to be the member of ISO. The international standards are been developed by the technical committees and they are elected from many national standard organization and these international standards does tend to have a support worldwide.

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ISO Certification in Lebanon

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